New Series: Tips that helped me

I wanted to post a series of tips I have been collecting that helped me on my journey towards a healthier me. Share some of yours and let me know what you think about mine.

Here you go, first tip of the series: "Facing Challenges with eating out"

Just as you become comfortable with your new way of eating, life will throw you a curve ball. You may encounter people or situations that may not support your new healthy eating practices.

Eating out, eating with other people, celebrations, vacations all can pose challenges to your new lifestyle. At times, you may feel that you are not well supported by friends and family. Your best line of defense is "PRE-PLANNING" because it allows you to anticipate difficulties and strategize effective ways to cope with them. Identify situations that are particularly difficult for you and plan effective ways to proactively meet them. As your challenges change over time, you’ll want to review and edit your plan.
Facing challenges beforehand prepares you for success in all these areas:

• Time Pressure at Work
• Too Busy to Make Dinner
• Vacations
• Involving Your Kids
• People Who Don’t Know I Have Had Surgery
• Saboteurs


Cleaning after the party!

You have to do it, so why not make it count?
I found out that vigorous housework for 20 minutes will burn a little more than 100 calories.


Surviving the holidays and all the food that comes along

Few tips that I have learned:
- Drink lots of water or non-caloric bevereges
- If you are visiting friends/family, eat at home first, so you are not as hungry when you arrive
- Chew slowly, learn to respect your body’s signals when it says “I’m full”
- Remember it’s okay to say No and step away from the dinner table
Please share your tips too.


With all the holiday shopping comes the stress of…finding a parking spot!

So where do you park when the weather gets cold? Do you try to look for the parking spot closest to the mall entrance? Do you ask someone to drop you at the entrance before they go find a parking spot?

I try to park farther in the parking lot to walk to my office or the mall. I walk instead of taking the elevators whenever possible.
Another great way of squeezing in some exercise in our busy lives.


I'm back!

Had to take a short break. I missed you all and looks like I was being missed too.
I appreciate the love!
My husband Marvin recently had the sleeve gastrectomy surgery and just needed a little extra TLC. Add to it the pressure of entertaining during the holidays, ton of school work and BOY WAS I BUSY!!
But now I am back and will try to post more frequently.
On that note, how did you celebrate Thanksgiving?


Re-blogging My Journey - Episode 6

Before I post the latest episode of my weight loss journey with the Realize Solution, I wanted to re-share all of the episodes we've got. Here's the first one from after my surgery - episode 6!

Whew! Lots to share. The video pretty much sums it up for me. It’s been a crazy time ever since the surgery. Twenty-five pounds in two weeks, I was cruising. It really just melted off of me.

When I first started this journey, I thought I would just tell my story, and I have, and so far it’s been very therapeutic for me to get everything out. But after attending the conference and talking to other people thinking about going through the surgery, I know I really want to help people know the facts and talk through all the false and scary stuff that surrounds bariatric surgery and all the gritty details involved.

First of all, I could have never attended all of that press stuff this time last year with my old weight. It’s comical to me how easily I would get tired even though it was not a laughing matter at all. I get it though, not lugging around all of the extra weight not only makes me more aerodynamic, but it also helps people see the real me, see that I’m more than physically large. I have a voice and a point of view. Anyway, let me know what you think of the video. There’s some handy camera work of my own at the Reds game.

PS- Check out that smoky eye makeup I had going on for the media interviews. Makeup artist really had me feeling hot! Shame I’ll never be able to repeat that look at home. : (


Re-blogging My Journey - Episode 5

Before I post the latest episode of my weight loss journey with the Realize Solution, I wanted to re-share all of the episodes we've got. Here's the fifth one - surgery day!

The whole hospital experience was, dare I say… great? Yes, I will say it. Compared to the many other reasons there can be for entering a hospital, this was pretty great. Before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out.

I’m wheeled in, early in the morning, kind of nervous but more excited. Dr. Northup’s team welcomes me, cool as cucumbers. (I know they do this all the time, but it was a good vibe to be greeted with considering I am going in for surgery.) They were so nice and welcoming. And then I had Marvin and the girls with me, who waited patiently to greet me after the surgery. It was a full spectrum of support. I was in the hospital not even two days after my procedure. The surgery itself didn’t take long at all, but they want to make sure everything is adjusting as it should. And, now that it’s done, I feel more comfortable knowing everything was completed successfully. But I will admit, at the time, I may have been a bit eager to get out of the hospital. I wasn’t that uncomfortable, just a bit sore in my abdomen area. Groggy and all, I really couldn’t wait to be home, sleeping in my own bed.